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Get jar manifest attributes from Java agent

I am running my own java agent on a jar containing some sample code. Input to the command line: I’m currently providing the sample-code.jar’s main class (as stated in its manifest) as an arg to the agent, although, I’m trying to find a way to access the sample-code.jar’s manifest’s Main-Class attribute from within the agent’s premain. I tried some of

java Program runtime is too fast? Issue with Memory

So I am running some simulations that require some sample datasets. For the sake of simplicity I am using this Lorem Ipsum generator. I am setting a test parameter called DATASIZE that sets the amount of words or paragraphs this generator creates. I am using this generated data to create an “input” and “output” hash. The output data will

.jar File can’t find image file path

I’m creating a simple program that I now want to export as a executable jar file. Everything works fine except the jar file can’t find the image. For creating the runnable JAR file I used the second option in Eclipse 2021-12 (Package required libraries into generated JAR). This seems to work well, because I only have the jar and no

Extract .jar file with NodeJS

I need to extract a JAR file using NodeJS and I have no idea how, also I’m not sure if StackOverFlow is the right place for this so sorry if it’s not. Answer so jar files are just java archive files that can be unzipped with any commonly available operating system tool like unzip or jar, so a simple command

How can I output a random image when in a jar file?

The below code works when running from my editor but the image fails to load when compiled into a runnable jar file with eclipse. Could someone please suggest how I can modify my code or editor to load the files when compiled. I have read other methods of accessing files but since I need to select randomly from a folder,

Cannot be resolved to absolute file path because it does not reside in the file system

My Code: I have already tried instead of .getFile(), extractJarFileFromURL or resource.getInputStream() but all this does not work. When I package my project and run it as a jar file and it tries to open the following file it always returns the following message. Error: class path resource [assets/OPTIONS_DE. docx] cannot be resolved to absolute file path because it

How to bundle a JAR file with its dependencies using maven

I am developing a Java agent using ByteBuddy, and I need the ByteBuddy library .jar file to be included in the agent .jar file. So far, in order for the agent to run smoothly, I need the ByteBuddy library .jar files to be present in the classpath both at compile time and at runtime. How can I bundle a .jar