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Tag: node.js

call/run function from Kotlin with Nodejs

I’ve wrote some lines of code in Kotlin now i want to execute this function from Javascrip or Nodejs is that possible? I only find solution for calling JS functions but not for calling Kotlin functions for example: JS: Kotlin: I heared from Kotlin/JS but there are some difrents from the normal JS and Kotlin Thanks for helping Answer You

Extract .jar file with NodeJS

I need to extract a JAR file using NodeJS and I have no idea how, also I’m not sure if StackOverFlow is the right place for this so sorry if it’s not. Answer so jar files are just java archive files that can be unzipped with any commonly available operating system tool like unzip or jar, so a simple command

Validating strings with Java and NodeJS

vo.getResultFun() and cod returns ‘G’ Java validation NodeJS isEqual Why NodeJS return the callback and Java don’t throws the exception? Answer The result of this js part : is false as the result of this java part: So there are several options : Validator.isNullUndefinedEmpty doesn’t works cod is not strictly equals to ‘G’ The callback function is not called

TypeError: expressJwt is not a function

I’m trying to write middleware for user authorization in my app. I use this function to check if a route requires being sign in. The code is as follows: However, I get the following error: What could be the problem? None of the other answers seem to be helpful. Answer With the curly brackets you are trying to do object

How to create docker image with nodejs 12, java, gcc, g++,python3, monocs

I am trying to dockerize my NodeJs & Express API . In my API iam using package to compile and run C, Cpp,Java,JavaScript(Node.js env), Python languages. This package requires all 5 compilers(gcc,g++,nodejs,python3,javac) installed on the server. If any compiler misses, it throws error. In my local(undockerized) the API is working completely fine on both windows & ubuntu(As I have