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Tag: java

Isn’t SecurityContextHolder a Bean?

Trying to Autowire SecurityContextHolder I get error Turns out that it is available from any part of the code like How come it isn’t a bean and how does it get initialized under the hood? Are there other static utility classes like that available to be consumed from anywhere and how do I find them? Answer SecurityContextHolder is a utility

Cash to Change in Java

I am new to Java and was trying to write code that would tell you how much change you would receive for a given amount of money (in minimum number of coins). For example $0.31 would give 1 quarters, 0 dimes, 1 nickels, 1 pennies. I got to a point where my code seemed to work. However, while most values

How can i store uri.toString to my java class?

I want to store a uri to my class so that ill be able to fetch an image from firebase storage and display it on a cardview. However uri.toString is highlighted red and shows a “Cannot resolve constructor ‘donation(java.lang.String)'” I’ve tried storing the uri to a different class which was successful but I had to make another

How to test public method in Application Module in Oracle ADF?

I am working on a project that is based on the Oracle ADF framework. We have an AM (application module) called TestAM.xml that has interface and implementation class has a public method with a method signature: String fetchSomething(String id) I want to test/debug this method locally by passing the ID parameter, how can I do that? I

Is there a way I can bundle a jre in a Launch4j .exe file?

I would like to bundle a jre folder into my generated launch4j .exe file via maven pom.xml (For some reason, I don’t want an installer, just a click to run Java application that has its own embedded jre). Is it possible? I have read through several posts and I don’t get a maven automated one. I don’t want to do