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Tag: google-cloud-firestore

Read Firestore Data in Android Java

i am working on android application and i am trying to read data from the firestore. One of the key contains further object data which i want to read. i was able to read the data for purchases but purchases has further array data with contains products keys. i am unable to read that. i want a simple solution, no

Event Listener in Firestore doesn’t see field updates in documents inside collection. Android, Java

I have next firestore scheme: collection “users” – document user_id – collection “trips” – document trip_id – collection “requests” – document request_user_id with fields: and boolean field <is_accepted> On one of my pages I want to listen to realtime updates of requests: if <is_accepted> changes from 0 to 1(it means user is accepted for a trip). I have written EventListener

get data with query from document collection and document subcollection in firestore

I have a collection with “grup” name and have a subcollection named “anggota”. Please help me, how to display data by query referring to collection document and subcollection document. Firestore collection: I’ve tried with this query but it doesn’t work, the data doesn’t appear Answer When you are using the following query: It means that you are creating a reference