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Getting error : Could not deserialize object. Failed to convert a value of type java.lang.String to long

enter image description hereI have tried changing values many times. Now I have the same values in Firebas. It’s working if I give the values manually in code, but it’s not working while I try to get the info from Firestore. But still, I’m getting this error continuously: That’s my Model’s code } My adapter code } Main Activity }

get int data from firestore

im trying to get int data from firestore but before that app crashes i dont know why when i try it as string it work i get it and i can list it but when i try it int app crashes even before get data here is my code second part is my adapter logchat said 2 line is wrong

Trying to run Firestore emulator on Gitlab CI pipeline gives “java is not installed” error

When trying to run Firestore emulator in a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline I get the following error: Firestore Emulator has exited because java is not installed, you can install it from The question is, how do I install java in this env? I found a similar post, but there’s no mention of the need of installing java, so I’m wondering

Why do we have to call getCurrentUser() several times Firebase?

I am creating a Journal app. I am currently working on the functionality for if the user is already logged in—bypass the “get started/log in activities” In the video I am watching to create a journal app, the instructor calls mUser = firebaseAuth.getCurrentUser(); several times. He calls it in onStart(), in onCreate() and in onAuthStateChanged(). I can understand why we