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Tag: android

Cannot resolve method ‘setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled’ in ‘Builder’

I am trying to create a register activity to allow a user to register however I keep getting the error: Cannot resolve method ‘setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled’ in ‘Builder'” It’s only the section which has the setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled that is giving me the issue. Do I need an implementation? Here is my Java code: Answer If I look at the current documentation for FirebaseFirestoreSettings.Builder,

Android studio webview does not allow cors

I creating a android application and i want to load data from my server but if i load the data i get a “TypeError: Failed to fetch”. I have tried many ways. I also tried just to load inside the webpage and it also doesn’t work. All my files: Main_actifity.xml AndroidManifest.xml I was expecting to load data from

Why does the Recycleview work differently when I start it or when I go back to it from an other activity?

I try to create a Shopping/ToDoList application where the items are contained in SharedPreferences. When I start the application, and I choose what I want to execute, Shopping list part or ToDoList part, then the java code fetches the existing data from the SharedPreferences and give to the RecycleView to create and show a list. It seems works totally correct,