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ConcurrentModificationException thrown on for

problem of cant add element while iterating. i tried th emethod of creating another arraylist nd store element there and add them all in one time but it didnt work because you nedd the arraymist size to operate right. any help pls. Answer You’re doing the following: Obtain an iterator from some collection object. a for (var foo : collectionObject)

fragment binding (symbol “id” cannot be resolved)

I am trying to use the binding method in android studio to connect two fragments using onCreate and onViewCreated methods. so far i am getting id not resolved error. I have already connected the fragments on the xml graph. Bellow is the code of the settings java file. Answer Make sure to add this in build.gradle(app) Then give sync project

How to send JSONArray to PHP server using Volley?

I’m fairly inexperienced with Android programming and am having issues sending a JSONArray to my PHP server. I am using the following code to generate the JSONArray from my cursor: I believe I am misunderstanding how to properly send data via JsonARrayRequest. Here is the following code that I am using to send the data. Instead of sending the data,

How to finish an Activity inside a dialog? I called finish(); and SecondActivity.this.finish(); but they didn’t work

In the first case, finish() works properly, but it doesn’t work inside the dialog. This code is from second Activity, in the first case when I call finish() it finishes and return back to MainActivity but in the second case inside the dialog when I call finish(); the app crashes. I can do something like startActivity(new Intent(getBaseContext(), MainActivity.class)); inside the

Android NullPointer Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.util.ArrayList.add(java.lang.Object)’ on a null object reference

I’m getting this error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.util.ArrayList.add(java.lang.Object)’ on a null object reference and just to make it clear is that I know others with the same issue have asked the same question and I have read the solutions which are usually that you have to instantiate your ArrayList which however I am obviously doing but

how to draw prespctive image in android canvas

i have searched about how to draw prespctive image in canvas like in the picture but i dont find anything thing. if its not possible using canvas, how i can make something like it? i find this:- but this cut the image. Answer This is possible by magic method of canvas drawBitmapMesh. This is example from my project:

Google Play Console: ‘Your app signing key’s encryption strength does not meet Google Play’s recommended minimum standard’

I enrolled my apps in ‘Google Play Signing’. Now I see in the console the following message: I thought that it is due the fact that all my apps were initially signed with the same release key (that I uploaded to Google Play Console during the enrolling procedure to Google Play Signing). So I thought that Google Play sees that

Firestore – RecycleView – Image holder

I don’t know how to write a holder for an image. I already have 2 texts set, but I don’t know what the holder for the image should look like. Can you help me tell what the writeup for the image should look like in order for it to appear correctly? My code: Answer You can use a library like