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Tag: mysql

Difference between generating UUID in Java and MySQL

I need to insert random id into one table and add that id to another table as foreign key. So I am not sure how to save UUID() if I generated it in MySQL but if I generate it in Java I can just save it into a variable. I wonder are there any drawbacks if I generate it in

Check if any value in list satisfies a condition

Suppose I have the following table called Seasons: … start_month end_month … 2 6 … 3 4 … … … I need to write a query which, for a given list of months, returns all the Seasons that satisfy the condition where at least 1 month in the list is: start_month <= month <= end_month. I’ve written this query as

Error while querying tables using hibernate

I am trying to query a table called student in MySQL. This is the structure: Here is the java code which I use to query: This is the error message: Here is the image of the referenced libraries: Insertion into table is working correctly. Only querying isn’t. What is the error here? Please comment if extra information is needed. UPDATE: