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Tag: mysql

Error while querying tables using hibernate

I am trying to query a table called student in MySQL. This is the structure: Here is the java code which I use to query: This is the error message: Here is the image of the referenced libraries: Insertion into table is working correctly. Only querying isn’t. What is the error here? Please comment if extra information is needed. UPDATE:

@Transactional – rollback on Exception not working

I am using aurora mysql for one of my project, wanted to rollback db update in update2 method in case of any exception. If I add transaction on update, getting this error Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO). Without transactional annotation, I’m able to perform db operation, there is no issue with credentials. sudo code: Can someone suggest

Mysql problem ,cant resolve it, cant somebody help, i using java

Yoo coderrs, have problem connect and write table to my online free database. Problem is hereUnable to create requested service and Unable to make JDBC Connection 1class package sk.hibernate; 2.class persistence.xml POM Answer I just accessed your database with the following URL: (I masked the credentials). So you missed the prefix “jdbc:” You should quickly change your username and password