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Tag: spring-data-jpa

Custom Repository Implementation is not being recognized

I am currently working on a project where I have created the following custom Repository: The print statement “I got called with: ” never gets called. So for whatever reason Spring Boot is not running the method through my custom implementation. Any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated Edit: Here is the code that injects and uses the Repository in

How to insert all enums into database?

We have a list of ENUMS for different purposes. Sample Enum: we use .sql file to save this enums, Problem: We need to write values two times (One in enum and another one .sql statement) It seems not efficient way, Is any other way to save ENUMS to avoid this repetition? Answer From the above mentioned details what I understood

Combine JPA Query annotation with Oracle sample method

i am trying to pass a parameter into a JPA query Example code But i get an error because of the sample(:percentile). If i just hardcode a number in there it works but not with a param. Is there a way to escape the brackets or something similar? Thx Answer The error is on the following part Unfortunately it does

Spring-Boot MVC JPA Filters

Let me start by saying I’m fairly new to Spring Boot so apologies if I’m making a silly mistake somewhere. I am trying to retrieve the value of my form post using @RequestParam so I can utilize it in a JPA query to return kids who have a specific pet type. I’ve done other JPA queries and had successful results,