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Tag: spring-data-rest

How to search in parent entity scope when using spring boot data rest

Now I know how to findBySomething on root level entity. Let’s say I have a one to many relation of class -> student I can now students/search/findByName?name=Tom But it will give me Tom in all classes. Can I do something like classes/1/students/search/findByName?name=Tom It gives error right now. Answer in StudentController in StudentService in StudentRepository (I use mongoDB; if u use

Column ‘foreign_key_id’ cannot be null

I have a rest api exposed via @RepositoryRestResource from spring-data-rest-api. When I try to give the json payload from Postman to create a User linked to an Organization, it complains that Column ‘organizationId’ cannot be null, when I clearly provided it in the json. Each user belongs to an organization, so it’s a many to one relationship. I want Java

“” because “propertyType” is null

A Spring Boot 2.5.1 application is logging this warning: whereas Spring Boot 2.4.4 does not. The POJO is trivial: and the Spring RestController is similarly: To trigger the warning submit a POST: The warning is triggered while “handling” the _links property of the EntityModel<SoPojo> but why and what can I do about it. Any ideas? Update: As dkb notes, this

How to properly filter Spring REST data

I have a Spring Data REST service with a single @Entity and Repository. When I run $ curl localhost:8080/api I get all the data stored in my repository and it works as expected. I also have a small React front end and I display that data there. My question is: Where should I filter the data? For example maybe I

How to properly access a secured Spring Data REST Repository in a ApplicationRunner?

I followed the documentation on how to secure REST repositories with @PreAuthorize. However, the following repository needs to be accessed by an ApplicationRunner to perform some initial setup tasks after application startup. Since there’s no security context active when this runner is executed the application won’t start at all What are my options to access the REST repository properly? I’m

Spring Data Rest – Soft Delete

I’ve been using spring data rest without any problem but now I have a requirement that when a user performs a DELETE operation on a given entity i.e. DELETE /accounts/<id> I need to set a flag on the database marking that entity as deleted but i do want to keep the record. Basically this means that I need to do