How to disable the default exposure of Spring Data REST repositories?

I have a project that uses spring-data-rest, and has a dependency project that only uses Spring Data. Both projects have spring data repositories and use @EnableJpaRepositories to implement their repository interfaces, but I only want to export the repositories in the parent project.

Here’s my question: is there some way to configure Spring Data REST to only expose rest endpoints for resources in the parent project, without having to explicitly annotate every repository in the dependency project with @RepositoryRestResource(exported = false)?

If I can only do this with @RepositoryRestResource of disabling it, and worse yet, no other project with a different use case will be able to enable REST endpoints for those repositories, my dependency project will have to include Spring Data REST solely for theā€¦


Currently there’s no global switch for what you’re looking for. I’ve filed this ticket for you for inclusion in the next major release.

Not sure if it is an option for you but package private repository interfaces are not currently exposed unless explicitly annotated. If you can make all those library repositories package protected that might be favorable over the explicit annotation.

Source: stackoverflow