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Tag: java-8

Stream non terminal operation + filter + findFirst

I’m trying to understand how the non-terminal streams operations are invoked. This seems clear for me. The first stream is not ended with terminal operation, so it doesn’t invoke the non-terminal operation and nothing is printed. The second one has terminal operation, so all the elements are printed. This is where I’m getting confused, especially with the last one. Looks

mapper does not convert between dto to entity

I am new to mapsturct I just want to map between dto to entity those two; my bank class; my bank dto class; my mapper below; Answer Target and source properties don’t work well with collections mapping. You need additional mapping for single element. Update your mapper as below, so Mapstruct can use element mapper when mapping the collection: If

Runnable interface instantiation

I am following the book Head first java and was reading about threads and came to know about the Runnable interface. Now we know an interface can’t be instantiated directly. Its members are implemented by any class that implements the interface , but below code made bouncers over my head. The book declares the instance of the Runnable interface and

Convert date format in springboot using java8

I receive the following date format How can I convert it into the following format in java 8 Answer You can use Java 8’s date/time API, and more precisely the DateTimeFormatter. There’s no pre-defined formatter that matches your initial input. The closest is DateTimeFormatter.RFC_1123_DATE_TIME, but it requires a comma after the day of the week. To solve that, you can