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Java Method that returns different types of generic Lists

I’m currently trying to write a method that goes through a list of Ant-Objects and returns a list of AntScouts, that extend Ant. In general, List<Ant> can contain a lot of different Objects that inherit from Ant. I also have an enum for the different kinds of ants: This enum causes a warning: And this is the method that currently

“Find Missing & Repeating Number” unable to compile on hackerrank suppose to use array list only not simple array [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 4 months ago. Improve this question Encountered this program on hackerrank it was showing runtime error. The relevant code block is shown below. On simple array its working, but on lists

Java List Stream

I am attempting to simplify my code but list stream is not working. I am creating an instance of a class (that contains an inner class) in a static method and trying to take items from the first list and instantiate them in the inner class and add them to a new list. My code works with fruit loops if

Remove elements from a List at a specific index

I am trying to program a method that deletes the first, second and third element of every group of 4 elements. It seems not working at all. Could anyone please help? Answer My take…does not require the size precondition check but you may want to still catch that if it represents an error of broader scope than this method. Given

Create a SortedMap from a List objects with the Value represented as a list of N lowest object’s attributes mapped to a particular Key

I am working with a CSV file which includes some information about accidents. I’ve created the Accident type: I’ve also created a function that reads all the CSV file, converts all the accidents to a List<Accident> and saves it to this type AccidentArchive: So, we are working with streams which I don’t understand entirely yet, and I’ve been stuck in

Ruducing a List of objects using Stream.reduce()

I have a list of objects, and I need to group objects having status equal to my customizedStatusto a single customized one with count = sumOfSameObjectsCount . We have class MyObject Suggested implementation : Things work like a charm in case there are multiple objects with status equal to my customizedStatus. Input : Output : In case there is one