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Tag: enums

Java Method that returns different types of generic Lists

I’m currently trying to write a method that goes through a list of Ant-Objects and returns a list of AntScouts, that extend Ant. In general, List<Ant> can contain a lot of different Objects that inherit from Ant. I also have an enum for the different kinds of ants: This enum causes a warning: And this is the method that currently

Using an Interface as a super type for Enum classes – problem with accessing Enum-specific methods

I’ve been attempting to implement an interface in my enums in order to have rules for a simulation I’m making. I am trying to access enum-methods such as values() and ordinal() (on objects). However, even with upper-bounding my classes with my interface name, I still cannot access these methods without overriding them in my interface, which won’t work. I’m trying

I tried to set enum field by reflection

I have two enums with vararg property and @FieldEnrich annotation. Annotation looks like Annotation is processing by object The logic is as follows. We annotate an enum member with the annotation @FieldEnrich and pass the property we would like to read value from and the name of the field to which we set the value of the property. I was

How can i create Enum in Java? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed last year. Improve this question I already created Enum. But i cannot create new Enum. I wanna create and compare 2 Enums actually. The X value is coming from backend. It’s

set class fields based on enum value

Using the above code I can get the value of Tempclass fields based on enum values. Now how to set the fields of Tempclass based on enum value ex: if enum VALUE2 is selected, then i need to set the Tempclass field2 to the input value. Answer Use a BiConsumer<Tempclass, String> taking an instance of TempClass and a String and

How to Create a List of Different Enum Classes

I’d like to create a list of different Enum classes and be able to access the values of these enums in the list. For instance, consider two Enums: I’d like to construct a list of Enum1 and Enum2 such that I can print the values of Enum1 and Enum2. It would look something like this, but this obviously doesn’t compile:

Utilizing switch statements with enums and marker interface

I’ve got a marker interface and two enums which implement the Marker What I’m trying to do is utilize a switch statement, such as Is there a way to do this without using an expensive instanceof call? Something like this would work, but I’m trying to avoid using instanceof, and frankly it looks kind of ugly. Answer Looks like a