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Tag: enums

I tried to set enum field by reflection

I have two enums with vararg property and @FieldEnrich annotation. Annotation looks like Annotation is processing by object The logic is as follows. We annotate an enum member with the annotation @FieldEnrich and pass the property we would like to read value from and the name of the field to which we set the value of the property. I was

How to Create a List of Different Enum Classes

I’d like to create a list of different Enum classes and be able to access the values of these enums in the list. For instance, consider two Enums: I’d like to construct a list of Enum1 and Enum2 such that I can print the values of Enum1 and Enum2. It would look something like this, but this obviously doesn’t compile:

Enum Skeleton Table

Hello I’m just wondering if there is anyone that could make sense of this java skeleton code table for an enum class. Table: My code currently is this: Is that it? or am I supposed to incorporate the int in some way? Thank you. Answer Every enum includes two properties by default: so, int is already incorporated into enum.

Why can’t enum and record be combined?

Recently I was just creating another enum type. I took advantage of the fact that in Java, an enum is a special type of class (and not a named integer constant, like in C#). I made it with two fields, an all-arg constructor and getters for both fields. This is an example: Then I thought that Java 14’s record keyword