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Tag: kotlin

Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times

Error while compiling the code. Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times: C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildtmpkotlin-classesdebugcomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class, C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildintermediatesjavacdebugclassescomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class Gradle file Answer Just delete build folder of appmodule and Rebuild the project! or Try to invalidate cache and restart This will fix the issue!.

Flutter/Android: You uploaded an APK which has activity […] but without the ‘android:exported’ property. exported=”true” not working

After uploading my app to the google play store for internal testing, I get the following error message: I’ve tried setting the android:exported=”true” in my manifest like so: But I’m still getting the same error. In my build.gradle files I have these configs: Feels like I have tried everything. Could this be an SDK version issue, or what could I

implementation of Gateway Global filter in Kotlin to Java implementation

I have a scenario that I have some microservices, cloud gateway and eureka server. All microservices and cloud gateway registered on the eureka server. Cloud gateway will securing all the downstream services. When any user want to access the service first it will fill out the username and password for authentication on the cloud gateway. If the user will be

In Android Jetpack compose how to achieve GestureDetector.SimpleOnGestureListener…..?

I want to observe onFling Function to detect Velocityx and Velocity Means Swiping force/Velocity. In android we attach this to the android view.But donot find a way how to call this in Jetpack compose or alternative function for this in jetpack compose…? Answer Please take the Animation-in-Compose codelab to understand better, but for now, here’s how you can achieve something

call/run function from Kotlin with Nodejs

I’ve wrote some lines of code in Kotlin now i want to execute this function from Javascrip or Nodejs is that possible? I only find solution for calling JS functions but not for calling Kotlin functions for example: JS: Kotlin: I heared from Kotlin/JS but there are some difrents from the normal JS and Kotlin Thanks for helping Answer You

How to make a custom-shaped Recycler View?

I need to make a recycler view whose elements will wrap around the ImageView (like this: Is there a way to implement this? Answer You can create adapter with GridLayoutManager and for items with indexes 6, 7, 10, 11 make empty transparent views. But as it were said in comment it is not appropriate use of RV. Maybe it