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Tag: kotlin

How I can get LatLng class from Mapbox library?

I have updated a Mapbox library to the last version. Now I can’t find a LatLng class. With this package (com.mapbox.mapboxsdk.geometry.LatLng) LatLng class isn’t available at all. In the official documentation I cant find this class. Perhaps they replaced this class by another one. Answer Following this migrate-to-v10 documentation you should use Point: In v10, all the LatLng related methods

IntelliJ: Unresolved reference, but gradle build still succeeds

I have a Java library which I want to use in a Kotlin project. This is the build.gradle where I have the library as dependency: I also made sure I have a file named in my project where I set gpr.user and gpr.key correctly. The authentication works and the library is downloaded and indexed. IntelliJ also shows the