How to prevent the outer class method from accessing privately defined methods or fields of a nested class?

I am attempting to prevent the OuterMethod from accessing the privately-defined field InnerField and method InnerMethod. It does not seem to work as what I expect. import static java.lang.System.out; …


Reversing digits in 2D array

I was trying to reverse the numbers in this 2D array, but I happened to be reversing only first and the last numbers. So far I have done this, but don’t know where is the mistake and how to fix it, so …


Regex pattern matching is getting timed out

I want to split an input string based on the regex pattern using Pattern.split(String) api. The regex uses both positive and negative lookaheads. The regex is supposed to split on a delimiter (,) and …


JSch SFTP connections getting stuck

We have a java 7 code base where we are using Apache commons vfs2 v2.2 which is using JSch-0.1.54 as sftp provider. Now, the use case is to transfer files to a remote host via sftp. But, every now and …

How can one check if an integer is equal to another in a 2D array?

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How can one check if an integer is equal to another in a 2D array? int[][] board = new int [3][3]; int a = board[0][0]; int b = board[0][1]; int c = board[0][2]; int d = board[1][0]; int e = board[1][…

Adding JavaFX PieChart in JPanel

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I want to add a Pie chart inside a JPanel. I have gone through this and this. But it didnt helped me. I tried this code in the debugger but it is not getting pass line X. Somehow setScene function is …


Netty, reading message results with IllegalReferenceCountgException refCnt: 0

I am new to netty and I try to receive byte response from a server (non-netty). However, I belvie I missundersteand the reference count. While reading the response I am running into the …

While loop doesn’t exit after file download

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I’ve got the following code to download a file being transmitted over TCP: try (OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(path); InputStream is = socket.getInputStream();) { byte[] …


how to get SimpleDateFormat to give me numbers like 13/6/2021?

is there a way to let the simple date format to give me numbers not names its giving me 12 jul, 2021 SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(“MM/dd/yyyy”, Locale.ENGLISH); “


Getting errors in getting collection for ManyToMany JPA+Hibernate

I have two classes. A film that keeps authors in it. And the author himself. I want to make the connection ManyToMany for them using EntityManager, where then I can get the data for Set. Class movie: @…