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Change in LIMIT clause while upgrading jooq from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5

I am trying to upgrade JOOQ from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5. I am observing that generated SQL across two versions are different Jooq 3.14.6 In Jooq 3.17.5 Can someone let me know If there are any settings in jooq codegen (version 3.17.5) which will allow me to have the generated SQL same as in 3.14.6? Is there any documentation link which

Android studio webview does not allow cors

I creating a android application and i want to load data from my server but if i load the data i get a “TypeError: Failed to fetch”. I have tried many ways. I also tried just to load inside the webpage and it also doesn’t work. All my files: Main_actifity.xml AndroidManifest.xml I was expecting to load data from

NoSuchBeanException: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. But only on one class during MockBean?

There’s this weird problem. I’m currently testing two repository classes that I plan to use as MockBean. The snippets of the code are as follows: For ClassARepoHibernate For ClassBRepoHibernate Now then, on the testing class, I put this up: When I run this test, it gives out this error before even going to the breakpoint if I debug: This confuses

Java aggregate same objects into one

I’m quite new into programming and got a tricky question. I got an object which has multiple parameters: Every object always has non-null number attribute as well as one of three values-field. So for example, if valueOne is not null, the other two value fields valueTwo and valueThree would be null. So here’s my problem: The SampleObject is referenced in

Why does the Recycleview work differently when I start it or when I go back to it from an other activity?

I try to create a Shopping/ToDoList application where the items are contained in SharedPreferences. When I start the application, and I choose what I want to execute, Shopping list part or ToDoList part, then the java code fetches the existing data from the SharedPreferences and give to the RecycleView to create and show a list. It seems works totally correct, site language setting radio button handling in selenium

I am new to selenium automation and while learning radio button handling in selenium, I tried to automate language setting in page. I am unable to select the radio button listed in the page. site: code used: driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//input[@value = ‘ta_IN’]”)).click(); (I tried to select the language tamil- TA (3rd radio button)). Can anyone guide me in this? Answer