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RSA decryption according to the private key reports an error

My code using RSA on the front end: My code using RSA in the backend: PublicKey like this: PrivateKey like this: Bu-t, when i do the java code decryption, it reported such an error: How can i solve this problem ? Answer 1. You are decoding wrong. PEM format has a dash-BEGIN line identifying the type of data, a block

Pretty message on exceptions from REST app

I have a problem with my REST app. Here is the git link to ease your burden: Here is the raw code also: Classes posted in order: Employee Controller: Employee Service: Global Exception Handler: CNPNotFoundException class: ApiErrorModel class: I want to give some relevant informations to the user like in the second picture but in postman everything remains at

Converting a to a char[]

I want to give a function a char array from I only get an error message if I try to convert it like I do it now: This is the errormessage I get: It also shows this error on the other ones where I want to pass the char[] over. Need to add more text cause they say it

Unable to start activity: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Everyone, hi! Friends, when you click on the button, a new activity does not start. The following exception occurs: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. The log of my error is presented below: Program code for Program code for If I understand correctly, then the error is in the following lines: But… I do not know how to fix the error. Could you

Add new operations to existing jsonpatch file

I’m working on a test suite for some Java code that uses jsonpatch to modify db entries. What I am trying to do is have a template jsonpatch request saved down as a file that individual unit tests could read from, modify some operations, and then call the patch directly. The rough structure is as follows: jsonpatch template: java code: