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Isn’t SecurityContextHolder a Bean?

Trying to Autowire SecurityContextHolder I get error Turns out that it is available from any part of the code like How come it isn’t a bean and how does it get initialized under the hood? Are there other static utility classes like that available to be consumed from anywhere and how do I find them? Answer SecurityContextHolder is a utility

Cash to Change in Java

I am new to Java and was trying to write code that would tell you how much change you would receive for a given amount of money (in minimum number of coins). For example $0.31 would give 1 quarters, 0 dimes, 1 nickels, 1 pennies. I got to a point where my code seemed to work. However, while most values

Java Method that returns different types of generic Lists

I’m currently trying to write a method that goes through a list of Ant-Objects and returns a list of AntScouts, that extend Ant. In general, List<Ant> can contain a lot of different Objects that inherit from Ant. I also have an enum for the different kinds of ants: This enum causes a warning: And this is the method that currently