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NoSuchBeanException: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. But only on one class during MockBean?

There’s this weird problem. I’m currently testing two repository classes that I plan to use as MockBean. The snippets of the code are as follows: For ClassARepoHibernate For ClassBRepoHibernate Now then, on the testing class, I put this up: When I run this test, it gives out this error before even going to the breakpoint if I debug: This confuses

Paketo BuildPacks Java JSON Log for Spring Boot Application

We are using Paketo BuildPacks for our Spring Boot application. We configured all logs to be JSON written to STDOUT. The issue is that there’s a few lines of logs by Paketo during startup: Is there any way to configure Paketo to print the above as JSON: Answer No, sorry. The logging format in Paketo Buildpacks, and the helpers (technical

How to convert String to UTC timezone?

I have a string like this, I have a utility which converts this string to UTC time This returns the result 2022-12-09T12:21:32Z It gives back the time difference of 4 hours. Shouldn’t it be 5 hours? Answer There is a time change in EST timezone on October 30th, try in September and you have only 4 hours difference and 5

Mocking a Nested Object in Junit

I have a service I am mocking like this: } the service: I need to be able to mock the “CloseableHttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(request, clientContext)”, such that the “response” object is something I create ahead of time. I am hoping some mocking when/then constructs would work for this? I would grateful for ideas on how to do this. Thanks! Answer

Isn’t SecurityContextHolder a Bean?

Trying to Autowire SecurityContextHolder I get error Turns out that it is available from any part of the code like How come it isn’t a bean and how does it get initialized under the hood? Are there other static utility classes like that available to be consumed from anywhere and how do I find them? Answer SecurityContextHolder is a utility

Is the Jackson2JsonMessageConverter class thread-safe?

I’m using this class and I’m wondering whether it’s thread safe: The docs don’t make any claims about this. I skipped through the code and found no signs it’s not thread-safe. It’s using an ObjectMapper internally, which is thread-safe according to docs: Mapper instances are fully thread-safe provided that ALL configuration of the instance occurs before ANY read