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Tag: spring

How can I unit-test Exception thrown inside a Lambda?

I have a method: This is how the user authorization test looks like: Is there any way to check the case when a user has entered the wrong password? In the case when I send the wrong password, it doesn’t work because given(this.repository.findByEmail(this.user.getEmail())).willReturn(Optional.of(this.user)); makes repository.findByEmail() return the result before you get to checking the password. Answer You don’t need this

Spring Boot, Spring-Security – BcrypPasswordEncoder in new component-based security configuration

I am trying to use the new Component-Based (Without WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter) configuration and setted up my Security Configuration as follow: file but when I run the application and try to log a user the following error appears even though I have the BCryptPasswordEncoder as a bean in my SecurityConfiguration: Error Stack Trace* Which is the correct way to set up

Spring Boot. Forward on RestController

I am implementing a mechanism for replacing short links. I need to forwarded request to another controller. I found examples how to do it in spring on models, but I don’t understand how to do it in RestControllers Example what i found (use models) Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction and I need to make a filter? UPD.

Spring Boot: Custom exception adds prefix to the exception message

In a Spring Boot app, I created a custom GlobalExceptionHandler and add the following method to handle ConstraintViolationException for invalid file type during upload process: My buildErrorResponse works correctly and build proper responses for other handle methods. However, It adds “uploadFile.file:” prefix to my error message. My questions: Is there any problem with my handleConstraintViolationException implementation? If not, how can