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NoSuchBeanException: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. But only on one class during MockBean?

There’s this weird problem. I’m currently testing two repository classes that I plan to use as MockBean. The snippets of the code are as follows: For ClassARepoHibernate For ClassBRepoHibernate Now then, on the testing class, I put this up: When I run this test, it gives out this error before even going to the breakpoint if I debug: This confuses

Using exception for invalid entry

I am trying to use exceptions in my assignment to catch an error when a user input invalid entry. I tried using the if else statement to catch but whenever running the program it will skipped pass my exception even when I input invalid entry. Do any of you have any idea where I am wrong in the code? PS:

Can I omit try-catch?

I want to fetch an HTML page and read in with BufferedReader. So I use try-with-resources to open it handles IOException this way: Is this a good pattern to catch and instantly throw? And what if I omit try at all and state that function throws IOException? If then any potentional memory leak? Much appreciate any advice! Answer A catch

Spring Boot: Custom exception adds prefix to the exception message

In a Spring Boot app, I created a custom GlobalExceptionHandler and add the following method to handle ConstraintViolationException for invalid file type during upload process: My buildErrorResponse works correctly and build proper responses for other handle methods. However, It adds “uploadFile.file:” prefix to my error message. My questions: Is there any problem with my handleConstraintViolationException implementation? If not, how can

Java exception handling: JSONObject cannot convert JSONArray

After executeQuery, I’ve got some set of results in XML format. While checking xmlJSONObj.getJSONObject(“Root”).has(“AmountDtl”), I get an exception “JSONObject[“Root”] is not a JSONObject”. How to handle this exception? Answer In your case. You have If you convert it to JSONObject you get something like this. based on what you are saying you are getting an exception here: if (xmlJSONObj.getJSONObject(“Root”).has(“AmountDtl”)) getJSONObject

How to catch an out of bounds exception in Java and continue?

I am writing a program that converts a prefix expression to a postfix expression. For an expression like ” x-x-ABC+BA ” the program should throw an out of bounds exception, and the program should continue onto the next line (from the input document), I have managed to make it work for one expression like “x-x-ABC+BA”, but where there are two

Why handleResponse(URI url, HttpMethod method, ClientHttpResponse response) method of RestTemplate.class is getting called for a 200 Succeess response

I am calling an external API from my code using RestTemplate like below: This API call is returning 200 Success but when I debug it, it still goes to handleResponse(URI url, HttpMethod method, ClientHttpResponse response) method of RestTemplate.class And then it’s coming to my file Can someone lease help me to understand if it’s the correct behaviour. I suspect