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Tag: exception

Pretty message on exceptions from REST app

I have a problem with my REST app. Here is the git link to ease your burden: Here is the raw code also: Classes posted in order: Employee Controller: Employee Service: Global Exception Handler: CNPNotFoundException class: ApiErrorModel class: I want to give some relevant informations to the user like in the second picture but in postman everything remains at

Why list.contains(null) throwing null pointer exception?

I have List<Long> countriesList which contains Long values which are country ids. Now I am iterating over some List<UserRequests> list by using streams. I tried to debug by evaluating individual statements. I have made sure countriesList have some data First part CollectionUtils.isNotEmpty(countriesList) is returning true. userRequest is also not null but userRequest.getCountryId() is null. And when I evaluated countriesList.contains(userRequest.getCountryId()), I

Can you change the Type of Java Exception’s error message?

I’m writing an Internal-Facing tool with a very slow runtime. Because of this runtime I’m trying to validate the input for errors and send a JSON object with a detailed list of every missing or failing element to the client before actually running the tool. I was wondering if there was a way to modify java Exception’s error message return

Send Object Over Java Socket

I have a class name player public JLabel imagen; public String Nombre; public Player(int x, int y, int width, int height, Icon icono, String name){ imagen = Player(x, y, width, height, icono); …