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Tag: if-statement

Using exception for invalid entry

I am trying to use exceptions in my assignment to catch an error when a user input invalid entry. I tried using the if else statement to catch but whenever running the program it will skipped pass my exception even when I input invalid entry. Do any of you have any idea where I am wrong in the code? PS:

How can I use an If-statement inside the Collector?

The output I require is like this : The structure of this output is: Map<String, List<Pair<String, String>>> Where “Versions” is the key of the Map and [(“0.1″,”true”),(“0.2″,”false”),(“0.3″,”true”)] this is the value of the Map. Now, inside the Map we have a List like: List<Pair<String, String>> eg is this : [(“0.1″,”true”),(“0.2″,”false”),(“0.3″,”true”)] Where “0.1”,”0.2″,”0.3″ is the key of the Pair and “true”,”false”,”true”

How can I check if the user input is a string

I’m trying to check if the user inputs a string. If the user inputs a string, my program should output an error message. If the user enters an integer my program should proceed with the program Here’s my code so far, I need to add another condition to check if the user inputs string, I tried some methods but they

Method that scans array for most common word length, but sends error message if two different elements have the same length

I have a method that takes in an array (created by Scanner input in main) and sorts the array to find the most common words before printing the length of those words. However, I’m also trying to have an error message pop up if two different elements have the same length; this is where I’m having trouble getting started. Method: