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Tag: java.util.scanner

More succinct way to get Scanner input with error checking?

Just want to know if there was any better way of doing this since it’s a lot of writing. Answer Well there are some things that can be ommited on a first look, but there is not much to remove. Reduced integer parsing in a single line and removed input variable. Change isInputValid to its negation isInputInvalid to remove else

Method that scans array for most common word length, but sends error message if two different elements have the same length

I have a method that takes in an array (created by Scanner input in main) and sorts the array to find the most common words before printing the length of those words. However, I’m also trying to have an error message pop up if two different elements have the same length; this is where I’m having trouble getting started. Method:

Why does my code about Bracket Fixing hangs?

My code makes an incomplete combination of expressions with closing brackets”)” to a complete combination of expressions with the right placement of Opening Brackets “(“. If closing brackets and opening brackets are still not equal, make the first expressions to the last a priority, if still not equal, make an opening bracket to the first index. Three expressions maximum (expression