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Tag: loops

Subtraction loops in java

I am new to java and am stuck on this challenge. I am to calculate the state of water depending on the inputed temp and altitude. However, for every 300 metres (for altitude) the boiling point is to drop by 1 degree. I am confused as to how to make it a loop that will take one off for every

Asynchronous execution/operation with CompletableFuture in Java 8+

In Java, is calling get() method while looping on CompletableFuture instances as good as doing synchronous operations although CompletableFuture is used for async calls? Answer ‘get()’ waits until the future is completed. If that’s what you want, it’s what you use. There’s no general rule. For example, you might be using a method that is inherently asynchronous, but in your

Is there a way to go back by one iteration in a for-each loop?

For example, if I were to do… If it isn’t possible, is there another method of traversing through some sort of collection class while controlling the iteration counter? I tried looking through the answers to this question but couldn’t think of a way that was clear to me. Any suggestions are appreciated! Answer It depends on what you are trying