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Tag: parallel-processing

Asynchronous execution/operation with CompletableFuture in Java 8+

In Java, is calling get() method while looping on CompletableFuture instances as good as doing synchronous operations although CompletableFuture is used for async calls? Answer ‘get()’ waits until the future is completed. If that’s what you want, it’s what you use. There’s no general rule. For example, you might be using a method that is inherently asynchronous, but in your

Will using a parallel stream on a single-core processor be slower than using a sequential stream?

I am applying an operation to every element in a very large LinkedList<LinkedList<Double>>: On my computer (quad-core), parallel streams seem to be faster than using sequential streams: However, not every computer is going to be multi-core. My question is, will using parallel streams on a single-processor computer be noticeably slower than using sequential streams? Answer This is highly implementation specific,