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Tag: javafx

Code intellisense is not working to JavaFX library in VSCode

Code intellisense is only not working for JavaFX in VSCode. I developed a JavaFX application once, and intellisense was working then, but it’s not working now. build.gradle I installed Java pack Extension and gradle extension. Answer It was solved. There is a solution below. Installing eclipse plugin and OpenJFX plugin to gradle. run “gradle eclipse” Code intellisense needs classpath as

Java required module can’t be found

I have a basic JavaFX project set up in IntelliJ: The project uses Gradle for dependency management. The dependency that was added by my is javax.mail.api as you can see in the build.gradle file here: The iissue I have now is that when trying to execute to programm with the following run configuration: I get the following exception: The

I can’t extract data from the table and make a connection with the hibernate orm

I start the server, I can’t fill out the list in any way, the database is connected and working, table work, I can’t extract data from the table and make a connection with the hibernate orm And if I try to add writes: Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity: ru.todolist.javafx.objects.Task class TaskHibernateImpl class Task object model File hibernate.cfg.xml hibernate configuration file

Building JavaFX Projects with JDK 11.0.2 and Eclipse?

I’ve spent too much time trying to find how to do this with. Tips for setting up a dev environment are what I am asking for, however I will start with what I tried so far. As I understand JavaFX was separated from the JDK after JDK 8, however, for an R&D project, I need to create JavaFX applications that

Gradle implementations not working with JavaFX

I am trying to do some fun Java projects on the side to get better at coding. Currently, I’m trying to do an offline, local password manager with JavaFX and Gradle. I wanted a way to hash a password, for security, and then store it in a file. Previously, I used Google’s Guava library in an Android App because it

How to set pane colour from colour picker

I have some code, in javafx, that has a pane that works like a paint canvas. I need to be able to fill the background color of the pane from a color picker. Currently I have a Color variable that gets the color chosen from the color picker and I try to set it to my Pane (named canvas) as