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Tag: user-interface

Openjdk-17.0.2 with javafx in termux

Hello I installed openjdk-17.0.2 In termux and I want to make a javafx application I start finding the sdk of javafx for java 17.0.2 but I got nothing. Can anybody tell how can I install the javafx for the openjdk 17.0.2. Or how can I install java 18.0.1 in termux because there is a option to download javafx sdk for

Can’t Change button or panel location in Swing (Java)

I can’t change the location of Button or Panel in “setbounds” in java swing.It’s just stuck to the top. What should I change here? Should I add a “Gridlayout” to the button or something? Changing the panel location does nothing for the button. public class Main { Answer In Java Swing, a layout manager decides on where the contained components

Java bindBidirectional

I have the following problem. My task is to create a double bond between my sudoku field object and its graphical form in the GUI. So far I’ve managed to come up with something like this. The solution works, but if you enter any character other than a number, it throws a parse error. Caused by: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable number: “a”