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Tag: apache-poi

Save Excel Data in Database in Spring boot

I have some excel files which i need to upload and save all the content in database. In my excel files sometimes some column which is not mandatory is not present but in cases where it is mandatory it will be present So How can i handle this situation single spring boot controller which run in all these 3 excel

Conditional formatting highlight only invalid cells

I am creating below conditional formatting rule in Apache POI. Issue Expected: The formula should highlight only invalid values in column ‘J’. Actual: But all values of the entire column ‘J’ get highlighted, even for valid values. Formula Full Code Required manual post-production in Excel Now I did the below steps Add three values in column ‘J’ named “State”. All

Excel file gets corrupted after launching an executable jar

I have an Eclipse project with the following code that uses Apache POI. When I launch it from Eclipse, it works properly. Since I created the executable jar, when I use it, the Excel input file passes from 9 to 1 kB and it won’t open anymore. [EDIT: since I was asked: the file is only read, I never write

APACHE POI set formula by column name format

Have small problem when I want to set formula to cell by column name format. Let me show example: In excel file I can do something like this =[Name] So value from colmn B is copied to column A But when I try to do something like this in Apache POI I get exception: Parse error near char 0 ‘[‘

How to get SignatureLines excel apache poi

Good morning, I created an excel with signature lines. I’m trying to obtain signature lines in a excel document with apache poi library. XSSFWorkbook w = new XSSFWorkbook(mp.getInputStream()); w.get……? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Pablo I see there is a class called XSSFSignatureLine but i don’t see any example to use it. Answer To get/set a signature line from/into an

Java Apache POI Bug

While working with the Apache POI Implementation I ran into a strange behaviour. I cannot explain the cause, so if anybody can give some hints, I would love to hear them. It is not even a big blocker for the problem that I was solving – at this point it is more a curiosity thing. So here it goes: As