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fragment binding (symbol “id” cannot be resolved)

I am trying to use the binding method in android studio to connect two fragments using onCreate and onViewCreated methods. so far i am getting id not resolved error. I have already connected the fragments on the xml graph. Bellow is the code of the settings java file. Answer Make sure to add this in build.gradle(app) Then give sync project

Validation issues with polymorphic xml

We have some abstract elements defined in our root schema e.g.: … which are then extended as follows: These elements are used inside our xml file: However, when I try to validate the xml using Saxon command line, I get the error message below: Here is a link to the actual sample files for reference: xml / root schema –

How work with soap in Spring boot like an object? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed last month. Improve this question I got soap project, thats works with xsd file. But I no idea how to work with soap. How i can work with xsd file like

How to change color buttons of navigation

all the words I wrote in the picture i need change color buttons of navigation warning color buttons not android:statusBarColor Answer From API 27 you can use this code: in the first line, you set the navigation bar background color and in second-line, you set the navigation bar icon color to light or dark

GuideLine problem Android Studio – ClassNotFoundException

I have problem with GuideLine, does someone know the solution? It look like the guideline is missing classes The following classes could not be found: –¬† (Fix Build Path, Edit XML, Create Class) Logcat after button click: Guideline problem XML Code: Build Gradle: Answer Try to use androidx.constraintlayout.widget.Guideline instead of

Java could not find XML resource bundle

error: If they are *.properties, no problems. How to load XML resource bundles? Answer By default, Java SE ResourceBundle.getBundle(…) only understands loading of resource bundles implemented as Java classes or “.properties” files. If you want to load a ResourceBundle from an XML file, you need to provide a custom ResourceBundle.Control implementation that implements the resource search and loading strategies. There

Understanding XMLStreamReader and START_ELEMENT

Consider the following XML file: Why am I not getting a START_ELEMENT event when using XMLStreamReader. Code is (lifted from): Output on my side: Ref: Answer Turns out the documentation has it described: An XMLStreamReader instance is created with an initial event type START_DOCUMENT. So code should instead be: The loop is easier to write using XMLEventReader: