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AES Encryption algorithms and padding scheme

Hello currently i have to do an AES encription and send it to an external SW but i am having trouble with the sonarqube. this is the relevant part of my current code: Is a little spaguetti cause it´s recyclated for an old code (TripleDES) sorry for that. But we can get the gist of it that`s that we are

I am unable to test the below mentioned method in JUnit testcase and getting ClassCastException

For below method i am writing JUnit testcase for sonarqube coverage. JUnit testcase: but, unable to mock or test the below line in JUnit testcase. MessageHeaders headers = ((MessagingException) message.getPayload()).getFailedMessage().getHeaders(); Exception: Answer Your productive code means you expect message.payload to be a MessagingException. But in your test, you create so payload will be a string. You need to build a

Using SonarQube how would one implement a java import blacklist?

Using SonarQube (version 3.0) I am trying to implement a blacklist of java libraries. For example I’d like for SonarQube to generate a code smell for any java file that contains an import for org.apache.lang.StringUtils I did find this rule: “Track uses of disallowed dependencies” however as previously stated I want to focus on the java file import statements themselves.