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Tag: sonarqube

Using SonarQube how would one implement a java import blacklist?

Using SonarQube (version 3.0) I am trying to implement a blacklist of java libraries. For example I’d like for SonarQube to generate a code smell for any java file that contains an import for org.apache.lang.StringUtils I did find this rule: “Track uses of disallowed dependencies” however as previously stated I want to focus on the java file import statements themselves.

Sonar with multi-module gradle project

I have java and kotlin based multi module gradle project. I am trying to setup sonar analysis for the same. I configured sonar at root project and ran analysis with CircleCI. The result in sonarcloud gets for only one of the sub-project. My project structure is as below: projectA/build.gradle ProjectB/build.gradle ProjectC/build.gradle build.gradle Here is my root build.gradle. Answer Need to