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Tag: encryption

Invalid AES key length: 20 bytes (Java 11)

I am trying to generate a key using Java. To be honest I am not that experienced with keys, password, ciphers and encryption. And from whatever I have searched from this site, I see it as a very common problem. I did some reading and came up with this code that I wrote: This is modified from an answer that

Plain text encrypt from Dart code but decrypt from Java code

When I encrypt plain text using Dart,and encrypted text is decrypted from Java code, I get this error: Same IV, salt and passphase value using Java side for key generation, but the generated key is different and also cipher test is different. I am using same method for key generation. I don’t know what is missing in Dart code. Dart

Java AES Decryption with keyFile using BouncyCastle SSL

I am trying to write a Java code decrypt a file encrypted with AES256 using BouncyCastle compatible with OpenSSL decryption. s_key is the file provided which contains the key that will be used to encrypt and decrypt Steps to be done: 1 – Read the key file 2 – Use the key provided to decrypt file inputfilename Below I have

AES Encryption algorithms and padding scheme

Hello currently i have to do an AES encription and send it to an external SW but i am having trouble with the sonarqube. this is the relevant part of my current code: Is a little spaguetti cause it´s recyclated for an old code (TripleDES) sorry for that. But we can get the gist of it that`s that we are

Best practice for storing TOKEN/password in Java

I’m working on a Java application that interacts with a REST API. To communicate with this API, I must use TOKEN, all these TOKEN are sensitive data and I cannot write in my code. So I’m looking for a way like a configuration file to store the TOKEN and access it. Currently, I made an XML file with all my