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Cannot resolve method ‘setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled’ in ‘Builder’

I am trying to create a register activity to allow a user to register however I keep getting the error: Cannot resolve method ‘setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled’ in ‘Builder'” It’s only the section which has the setTimestampsInSnapshotsEnabled that is giving me the issue. Do I need an implementation? Here is my Java code: Answer If I look at the current documentation for FirebaseFirestoreSettings.Builder,

ConcurrentModificationException thrown on for

problem of cant add element while iterating. i tried th emethod of creating another arraylist nd store element there and add them all in one time but it didnt work because you nedd the arraymist size to operate right. any help pls. Answer You’re doing the following: Obtain an iterator from some collection object. a for (var foo : collectionObject)