Why deploying a spring boot (Java) application to Googles App Engine gives error for both Flexible and Standard environment?

It is a Spring boot Java application using Maven. I am using Intelij for developement. I am availing $300 as I got by default from GCP and using it. For a flexible environment, the app.yaml …

Read a file from google storage in dataproc

I’m tring to migrate a scala spark job from hadoop cluster to GCP, I have this snippest of code that read a file and create an ArrayBuffer[String] import java.io._ import org.apache.hadoop….

Insert data into BigQuery using native Insert query using Java

I Insert rows into BigQuery with the InsertAll method using JAVA. It is working always fine. But when we try to update the same row from the JAVA code am getting the below error, com.google.cloud….

Why is my java docker image created successfully on laptop but when uploading to google cloud run it fails?

dockerfile: FROM maven as builder # Set the working directory. WORKDIR /usr/src/mymaven COPY ./ /usr/src/mymaven CMD [ “maven:3.3-jdk-8” , “mvn” , “clean” , “install&…