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Tag: google-app-engine

Why deploying a spring boot (Java) application to Googles App Engine gives error for both Flexible and Standard environment?

It is a Spring boot Java application using Maven. I am using Intelij for developement. I am availing $300 as I got by default from GCP and using it. For a flexible environment, the app.yaml configuration is Error as below: The requested amount of instances has exceeded GCE’s default quota When I using a Standard enviorment The Error showing as

How to deal with Sessions in Google App Engine?

I am successfully creating sessions in servlet and I can get sessions/ session attribute to jsp but not in endpoints class. I want to get the sessions info in endpoints classes. Please help me with this. I am using maven in eclipse and I enabled sessions in appengine-web.xml I read an article about this also except how to enable session

GAE JSF form tag error?

I make JSF project on GAP and it work well but when I put tag this problem appear HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /welcome.jsf. Reason: DisableIdUniquenessCheck Caused by: Answer java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: DisableIdUniquenessCheck at com.sun.faces.util.Util.checkIdUniqueness( This field was introduced in Mojarra 2.1.9 (evidence: it’s absent in Mojarra 2.1.8). This thus suggests that you’ve 2 Mojarra versions in your runtime classpath. One is