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Tag: oauth-2.0

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to resolve the Configuration with the provided Issuer

I’m trying to make a working demo using Spring Boot as a Resource Server and Keycloak as an Authorization Server. Here is project code snippets: pom.xml I’m running Keycloak on the port 8083. Get request to the http://localhost:8083/realms/realm_1/.well-known/openid-configuration returns the following response: To get an access token, I send a post request to the http://localhost:8083/realms/realm_1/protocol/openid-connect/token with password

Secure a Java web app using the Spring Boot Starter for Azure Active Directory JWT token algorithm problem

I’m created java web application using spring boot starter for azure active directory step by step like is described in: My application with my azure account work fine when i open localhost:8080 it redirects me to azure where I do the login and then I’m redirected back to my app. Problem is when i try to configure this dummy app

OAuth2 authorization code flow: spring-security does not accept the issued access_token

I am learning the OAuth2 authorization code flow. I have my own Authorization Server (AS) which is OpenAM 7.1. The Client is a simple Spring-Boot web application with a static HTML page, I use Spring-Security to protect the HTML page and control the Oauth2 flow. I think that my Authorization Server configuration is correct because AS produces the access_token at

PKIX path building failed in OAuth Authentication in Java

I am trying to Authenticate in discogs:,header:authentication-oauth-flow on the Point 2: SEND A GET REQUEST TO THE DISCOGS REQUEST TOKEN URL, I get this: on the POINT 3: REDIRECT YOUR USER TO THE DISCOGS AUTHORIZE PAGE, I’ve created this piece of code: But I got this error: but I get this error: Answer The error provided indicates that your

Spring 5 Oauth2 – How to provide the check token URL in my Resource server?

I need some help.. I set up an AuthorizationServer using @EnableAuthorizationServer from Spring-security-oauth2 for grant type “client_credentials”. Able to create, check tokens and everything good with this. /oauth/token /oauth/checkToken Followed this sample for Authorization server I have a separate project that has the REST APIs to be secured. I can’t use @EnableResourceServer because that project uses Spring 5.2.8 and the

Cannot pass JWT refresh token as an argument

I’m trying to get a new access token using a refresh token in Spring Boot with OAuth2. It should be done as following: POST: url/oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=…. It works fine if I’m using InMemoryTokenStore because the token is tiny and contains only digits/letters but right now I’m using a JWT token and as you probably know it has 3 different parts which