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Tag: oauth-2.0

PKIX path building failed in OAuth Authentication in Java

I am trying to Authenticate in discogs:,header:authentication-oauth-flow on the Point 2: SEND A GET REQUEST TO THE DISCOGS REQUEST TOKEN URL, I get this: on the POINT 3: REDIRECT YOUR USER TO THE DISCOGS AUTHORIZE PAGE, I’ve created this piece of code: But I got this error: but I get this error: Answer The error provided indicates that your

Spring 5 Oauth2 – How to provide the check token URL in my Resource server?

I need some help.. I set up an AuthorizationServer using @EnableAuthorizationServer from Spring-security-oauth2 for grant type “client_credentials”. Able to create, check tokens and everything good with this. /oauth/token /oauth/checkToken Followed this sample for Authorization server I have a separate project that has the REST APIs to be secured. I can’t use @EnableResourceServer because that project uses Spring 5.2.8 and the

Refresh access_token via refresh_token in Keycloak

I need to make the user keep login in the system if the user’s access_token get expired and user want to keep login. How can I get newly updated access_token with the use of refresh_token on Keycloak? I am using vertx-auth for the auth implementation with Keycloak on vert.x. Is it possible to refresh access_token with vertx-auth or Keycloak’s REST