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Tag: azure

Java Azure Functions deployment fails with timeout issue

When deploying Azure function using the maven plugin mvn azure-functions:deploy, a lot of the times I receive the below error. Usually it just works retrying a few times. [INFO] Trying to deploy artifact to CodeRuntimePrac3… [WARNING] [bbc8d6e1-1, L:/ –] The connection observed an error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Channel response timed out after 60000 milliseconds. at ( at$handlerAdded$0 ( at

Azure Blob Storage Java SDK 12 extract file name from blob name

let’s say I have blob structure like this: dir0 ├── dir1 │ ├── file11 │ └── file12 ├── dir2 └── dir3 After listing the dir1 that contains two files file11, file12 with listBlobsByHierarchy(“dir0/dir1/”) method I’m getting two blobs with blobName property set to dir0/dir1/file11 and dir0/dir1/file12, so <virtual_path>/<file_name>. That’s OK, but in some point I need to get the <file_name>

Spring Data cosmos @Transactions support

With Azure Cosmos DB transactional batch support available for Cosmos Java SDK 4.7.0, Does Spring Data Cosmos allows transactional operations? I went through Spring Data Cosmos Github Documentation, but didn’t find a reference. Need help if there is a way to implement transaction batch operations via spring cosmos data. If there is no way currently, then what would be the

Secure a Java web app using the Spring Boot Starter for Azure Active Directory JWT token algorithm problem

I’m created java web application using spring boot starter for azure active directory step by step like is described in: My application with my azure account work fine when i open localhost:8080 it redirects me to azure where I do the login and then I’m redirected back to my app. Problem is when i try to configure this dummy app

How to handle blob store url when receive from API

I have an API URL (e.g.: localhost:8080/api/blobs/download/{item-id}). The API itself will return the URL of that item in the Blob Store (for example, Now I have a task that requires user to copy and paste the API URL into the browser, and expect it to view/download the item. The question is how Java can support user browse the Blob