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Spring Data cosmos @Transactions support

With Azure Cosmos DB transactional batch support available for Cosmos Java SDK 4.7.0, Does Spring Data Cosmos allows transactional operations? I went through Spring Data Cosmos Github Documentation, but didn’t find a reference. Need help if there is a way to implement transaction batch operations via spring cosmos data. If there is no way currently, then what would be the

How to handle blob store url when receive from API

I have an API URL (e.g.: localhost:8080/api/blobs/download/{item-id}). The API itself will return the URL of that item in the Blob Store (for example, Now I have a task that requires user to copy and paste the API URL into the browser, and expect it to view/download the item. The question is how Java can support user browse the Blob

Azure spring boot function-how to pass trigger and input binding both to handleRequest method at same time?

getting below exception when I create tuple of Http trigger and blobinput and send it to handleRequest.. [2021-08-20T09:53:12.816Z] java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: At the moment only Tuple-based function are supporting multiple arguments [2021-08-20T09:53:12.818Z] at I need to send both inputs to handleRequest method… any clue how to achieve that? Answer Spent some time and the only way I could achieve that what you

Unknown lifecycle phase “.mainClass=com.blobs.quickstart.App”

I ran through this demo (using PowerShell). Everything was fine until I ran the line: mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=”com.blobs.quickstart.App” -Dexec.cleanupDaemonThreads=false then I got the below exception: This is the link from where I followed the steps Answer As ManojReddy-MSFT suggested: In most cases, this error occurs because of the missing plugin Can you verify if you have this plugin?

CosmosDatabase.createContainerIfNotExists() -> “Resource with specified id, name, or unique index already exists.”

If I call the the method: CosmosDatabase.createContainerIfNotExists(x) I receive the error message: Resource with specified id, name, or unique index already exists. How I have to interpret this error? The full exception stacktrace: Answer I work around the problem with a try catch block and repeat the operation if this error occur. Debug code show that the container exists after

Getting an exception when tried to implement Azure AD authentication and authorization in Spring Boot

I receive the following error: Even though I’ve provided the client ID in I followed the following link: POM: MAIN: CONTROLLER APPLICATION.PROPERTIES I updated my POM with The new error after updating POM: I’ve updated my POM, now it is building fine, but on login I’m getting AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match

@PropertySource fails to autowire required class (Spring Boot 2.3.8.RELEASE)

I have the following class I plan on using to autowire an instance of a Spring class named AADAppRoleStatelessAuthenticationFilter: Although the default-integration.yml file is well placed under /resources (no ‘FileNotFoundException’ is thrown), it seems like during the application start-up, Spring, for whatever reason, is not able to read it’s content (or disregards it while trying to initialize aadAppRoleStatelessAuthenticationFilter). It throws