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Can we debug deployed azure function from intellij?

I have developed a Java azure function and deployed it through IntelliJ(with Azure toolkit plugin support). I can do local run/debug on the function app from ide, as it nicely supports local run/debug.

Now the question is, Is there any way to debug code(or jar) that is deployed on Azure function(not sure if this has to be called remote debugging)? I searched through internet, was only seeing options to debug the app that is under development in ide(i.e., local code), but not able to find a way for deployed version. Is it possible to do this? or am I over-expecting from ides?


Currently, it is not possible to Remote Debug the function app with Intellij IDE.

Here is the workaround I tried to do Remote Debugging of azure Function using Intellij IDE.

After Deploying your function app into azure we can debug using (REMOTE DEBUG) while enabling it into the Azure portal. That is possible only in Visual Studio only.

enter image description here

After enabling Remote Debug in the Azure portal. The port of related visual studio can enable after enabling this Remote Debugging feature. I tried to add the Visual Studio debugging port like (VS19 - 4024) remote debugger port assignments & other visual studio port.

I end up unable to open the port.

enter image description here


In Azure except for the 8080/443 port, other ports are blocked in Azure.