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Tag: intellij-idea

Spring boot won’t connect to Postgres database

I am trying to learn Spring Boot with a tutorial. I have the code and the database, but I keep getting a Hibernate ERROR whenever I try to connect the two… This is the Error I get: I have the dependency set up in my pom.xml: The StudentService And the StudentController class Unfortunately I have no idea what’s the

IntelliJ IDEA java directory paths problem

I have a problem with paths. I’ve got a test project like this below and I want to create a JSON reader in Main so I need a test_json path. I don’t wanna use an absolute path D:…, but a path “from project” (I mean smth like main://resources/json_test/test_json.json). Is there any way to do that? enter image description here Answer

multi-pom in intellijIDEA. Error adding module to project: null

I wanted to make a multi-pom project in Intellij (2020.3.4). In one Maven project, I right-click ->New -> Module -> Maven. select parent to “my project”. However, even if parent is not specified, I get the error: Error adding module to project: null. (at the same time, it adds a regular folder with the module name and an empty pom.xml

IntelliJ – External library recognized but build fails

I’ve been recently trying to build a Java project which looks as follows: in ./someProject, I’m importing an interface and a class from ./libForSomeProject. I learned recently that in IntelliJ, one can make ./someProject aware of the ./libForSomeProject by adding it as an external library (project structure -> libraries etc.). Indeed, when I do this, the IDE seems to recognize