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Tag: minecraft

Minecraft forge server not working / downloading files

I’ve created a bat file with the command line ” java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar forge-1.12.2- nogui ” inside my server folder. It keeps closing there is some kind of error. I removed my name of course from the folders and I blurred out the folder name it’s a stupid name. and that’s my folder. Answer This issue appear because of

Java – changing an arraylist from another class

So, I’ve made a public arraylist that I need to change from another class. shielded is an arraylist, that stores the UUID as a string of every player that has toggled the shield on. This code does not affect the array in class one, but still lets me toggle it just in that class. After accessing it in Class 3,

Javacord can’t be imported in minecraft plugin

How do I make a Minecraft spigot plugin that is at the same time a discord bot? the server thinks that the class org.javacord.api.DiscordApiBuilder doesn’t exists so cant load the plugin. I use Maven(eclipse) it says that the DiscordApiBuilder class isn’t defined, how do I import that jar? is it possible or i have to change the discord api? error: