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I’m creating a spigot plugin, and the config file that appears on my test server doesn’t match the one in Intellij [closed]

Closed. This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos. It is not currently accepting answers. This question was caused by a typo or a problem that can no longer be reproduced. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. Closed 6 months ago. Improve this question

how to use a list in another class?

I want to create a list, add blocks to it and then use it in a BlockBreakEvent to check if the block is in the list and cancel the event if it’s not. But I can’t seem to create and add things in it any other way than in the actual event itself (which looks to me like it would

why does my sql table treat 1000 as a middle number?

When I try to sort by a value descending my SQL table does it correctly, but if it sees for example “1000” it always puts it in the middle? for Example: this even happens when I reference it in spigot (I’m using it for a plugin) it outputs it the same way this is how I’m calling it in my

Trying to get getView().getTitle() to work

I was first using only getTitle() for this but then found you need to use getView() as well. So i did but I stil can’t get it to work. FYI This is the error : Cannot resolve method ‘getView’ in ‘Inventory’ I tried changing getInventory() for InventoryView() but still the same error but also the Cannot resolve method ‘InventoryView’ in

Letter appears in console output, but shouldn’t. problem with Bukkit.getConsoleSender().sendMessage();

I’m trying to split code in classes. This code is sending to console text with B letter in start of line, but shouldn’t. Code: in but if console.sendMessage((“§c[” + pluginName + “]” + msg)); executing in main class, letter B doesn’t appeat in console. output with cw.notify output with console.sendMessage() Answer It’s not recommended to write your own §

Errors with importing JavaPlugin to Eclipse

I want to make a plugin for Minecraft, but I have problem with importing JavaPlugin into Eclipse. When I type I get these 2 errors. I have tried restarting my computer, reinstalling Eclipse, downloading all over again but nothing works. I am sending a link to a screenshot. Please help, Thank you in advance. Answer First make sure you