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Tag: networking

Bringing Python layout algorithm to Cytoscape

We would like to bring one of our layout algorithms, which is implemented in Python, to Cytoscape. As Cytoscape apps are written in Java, I was wondering whether some of you has an idea on how to easily bring it to Cytoscape without rewriting the Algorithm in Java. Answer I believe Dexter already reached out to you, but the easiest

If a peer client disconnects from a server could we just ignore the socketexception at the server side?

I have a server which accepts input from client; it reads text input from client and processes it in some way(each new connection is assigned a thread also). However, whenever a client suddenly disconnects from the server I receive a socketException(connection reset) from the server where BufferedReader.readLine() is invoked. So basically this exception is an indicator that a client was

Why doesn’t windows desktop broadcast UDP?

Alright, so my application is a peer to peer chat application, designed for LAN communication. Discovery is done by UDP broadcasting the ip & port at the UDP broadcast address ( I’m running it on three platforms at once when testing: ubuntu (VM via VirtualBox, and it’s connected to the network via VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter), windows 10 (my development

Maximum length of domain name

As I noticed class from google library containts the following constant: Code below, checks length during creation of InternetDomainName instance: But RFC-2181 says that: So, what is valid max length for domain name? Answer This is straight from wikipedia: The full domain name may not exceed the length of 253 characters in its textual representation. In the internal binary