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Tag: sockets

Server doesn’t forward message to all in the chat

i am trying to create a simple chat app using java sockets, the server is threaded, when a client connects its socket is added to an ArrayList, so that i can send to all in that list. the problem is when 3 clients are connected, the for loop that sends doesn’t work properly, for ex : client 0 sends to

How to fix the Issue with replacing AsyncTask to connect socket?

I’m trying to use This approach(Marked Answer) to replace my code with AsyncTask to make connection between user in android and server, And here’s what I’ve done : Note: I’m not using any specific pattern, just trying to achieve this goal on a basic structure. MainActivity : ClientConnection : ConnectionTask : ConnectionRunningTask: So base on the above code I’ll try

If a peer client disconnects from a server could we just ignore the socketexception at the server side?

I have a server which accepts input from client; it reads text input from client and processes it in some way(each new connection is assigned a thread also). However, whenever a client suddenly disconnects from the server I receive a socketException(connection reset) from the server where BufferedReader.readLine() is invoked. So basically this exception is an indicator that a client was

InputStream never gets EOF

Before anything, allow me to show you my client code: once connected to the actual socket, the client sends out some authentication data, but doesn’t recieve any data, now, it waits to recieve data from the server, and when it does, it processes it fine etc, except, when I stop the server (literally shutting down the program), nothing happens, when

send and recieve Socket Datagram

I am doing a server and client socket datagram. The client connects to the server and you need to write in the client a string that contains Hello or hello. When the server detects a string with hello …