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Tag: sockets

Java socket only use loopback

I have tried to connect my laptop to another laptop (on the same network, both using Windows 10) using java socket. Here is the client code : And the server code : But for some reason, even if I specify an ip address, the laptop only look for a host in loopack, not on the private network. Here is the

Socket binding through JNI

I try to open a socket connection on a Linux machine through JNI. If I combine Java_Socket_socket and Java_Socket_bind in same C function, the JNI call works perfectly, but it doesn’t work when I run methods sequentially. This is my code Java code Output: If I create C program from this code, and as regular C program, gcc … &&

Why are multiple sockets created by one client

Multiple sockets created by one client The task is to create a server-client communication with sockets. The client is the browser and it requests an html file. The server listens and accepts the connection if a request is made. I would like to create one thread/client (persisten connection), but can’t figure out why are multiple sockets created for one request.

Server doesn’t forward message to all in the chat

i am trying to create a simple chat app using java sockets, the server is threaded, when a client connects its socket is added to an ArrayList, so that i can send to all in that list. the problem is when 3 clients are connected, the for loop that sends doesn’t work properly, for ex : client 0 sends to

Java ProxySelector undefined behaviour

I am experimenting with Proxies in java networking. I have read the documentation regarding them and am currently testing ProxySelector. I notice 2 types of behaviour of this ProxySelector when using with HttpURLConnection & when using with Socket class When using with HttpUrlConnection with this code I get the expected output This makes sense because ports 5000 & 8000 are

Read a socket direclty from InputStream or from BufferedReader?

My goal is to read the n number of bytes from a Socket. Is it better to directly read from the InputStream, or wrap it into a BufferedReader? Throughout the net you find both approaches, but none states which to use when. Answer Since your goal is to “read the n number of bytes” there is little point creating a

How to fix the Issue with replacing AsyncTask to connect socket?

I’m trying to use This approach(Marked Answer) to replace my code with AsyncTask to make connection between user in android and server, And here’s what I’ve done : Note: I’m not using any specific pattern, just trying to achieve this goal on a basic structure. MainActivity : ClientConnection : ConnectionTask : ConnectionRunningTask: So base on the above code I’ll try