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Tag: sockets

Add HEADER in HTTP Request in Java

I’m using this following code to send simple HTTP Request : However, as you can see, I don’t send a custom HEADER. What should I add to send a custom HEADER ? Answer When you write The rnrn bit is sending a line-feed/carriage-return to end the line and then another one to indicate that there are no more headers. This

Listen to a shoutcast with Android

since quite some time I’m trying to listen to .pls files (shoutcasts). I have to say that I failed horrible. Since StreamFurious can do it it must be possible. First I tried to connect to the shoutcast via sockets (TCP and UDP) –> failed. I couldn’t even receive one byte from the server. I’m at the verge of tears. I

Asynchronous IO in Java?

What options for async io (socket-based) are there in java other then java.nio? Also does java.nio use threads in the backround (as I think .NET’s async-socket-library does, maybe it’s been changed) or is it “true” async io using a proper select call? Answer Java’s NIO package (as of Java6), provides support for non-blocking I/O only, via Selectors. Java7 is hopefully