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Tag: internet-radio

MediaMetaDataRetriever.setDataSource return null

I’m trying to develop an application (Radio Stream) app, I want to get the details of the song that is playing on the radio for that MediaMetadataRetriever API but when i set my URL i get this error : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at at maa.myapp.MainActivity$PlayerTask.onPostExecute( at maa.myapp.MainActivity$PlayerTask.onPostExecute( this my code : Answer finally it work with ‘com.vodyasov:amr:0.5’ library

How to stream url from .pls file with java?

I want to stream a radio with Java, my approach is to download the playlist file (.pls), then extract one of the urls given in that same file and finally, stream it with java. However, it seems I cannot find a way to do it.. I tried with JMF, but I get Invalid Http response everytime I run the

Parsing RTSP stream for live radio

I want to be able to parse the rtsp stream in order to extract data about the radio station, current playing song name, duration etc. I have to do it manually – no libraries. Preferred language is Java but I could work with something else too. Answer Welcome to the world of RFC 2326: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). You’ll