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How to solve KeyError: 400 Bad Request

I have a server to which I want to send post requests in the form of json in Java. But after sending, it gives the answer: “KeyError: 400 Bad Request: The browser (or proxy) send a request that this server could not understand.”. No matter how I change the data, it still gives this error, and the sent requests do

How to read http headers synchronously using BufferedReader?

My problem is that BufferedReader#read() creates an infinite delay until the connection is terminated. As soon as it is interrupted, immediately BufferedReader produces the result. So, because of these delays, I cannot read the headers in sync with the page load. Answer BufferedReader is not the solution, as the name implies, it buffers data by N bytes or until end

How download an installed app with nanohttpd

Hello i want to make a http server with nanohttpd that shows installed apps, and convert them to apk and download. I can list but how can i download the app i select Answer Ok, I basicly take the url after list the apps and check which appname equal to url after that i start to download it like that

Spring POST Method Microservice 500 exception

So, im trying to write a microservice with basic GET POST PUT DELETE commands. Its a Spring Maven Java programm with a mysql server When I try to post something it works, however if I dont include the Id it returns an exception: This is weird, because in the mysql console I can Insert a customer without the id, it

HTTP POST with request body

For this request, I am trying to set the entity, however when I do request.setEntity, it says required type HttpEntity, on upcasting it to HttpEntity as request.setEntity((HttpEntity) entity) it still gives me exception. Answer I was using “com.signalfx.shaded.apache.http.entity.StringEntity” instead of “import org.apache.http.entity.StringEntity” which was causing the issue.

Use API REST interface to authenticate user on android app

I am writing an App with friends that uses an API to login. I am using OKHTTP for the GET/POST Requests. I have written the following code for the Login page: After trying to login I get following error message I have tried multithreading but I have not found a solution that awaits the result of the login. And regarding

400 Bad Request when using Spring Boot

I am sending a Http POST request to my RESTful API build with Spring Boot and get the “400 Bad Request” response. My POST request is made with Postman, send to with the body I want to pass the filename variable to my Java Method. My RESTful api is build in Java with Spring Boot I tried with and with

I can’t understand casting interface to children that don’t have any parents

I am studying lambda and then WebClient Class so I am creating bean of WebClient I think top codes and bottom codes are the same I don’t understand this cast situation because HttpMessageWriter is interface and LoggingCodecSupport is class but LoggingCodecSupport doesn’t implement HttpMessageWriter, so I think HttpMessageWriter can’t cast to LoggingCodecSupport This is the code of HttpMessageWriter This is