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Spring POST Method Microservice 500 exception

So, im trying to write a microservice with basic GET POST PUT DELETE commands. Its a Spring Maven Java programm with a mysql server When I try to post something it works, however if I dont include the Id it returns an exception: This is weird, because in the mysql console I can Insert a customer without the id, it

Posting image to wcf rest service from Android

I’m having a problem to post a image to my wcf rest service. I’m posting some parameters of which one of them is a base64 utf-8 encoded string (the image). My problem is that every time I post I get “bad request”. Here is the code It is something with the encoded string, but what? Answer I don’t see why

Sending Java POST request without calling getInputStream()

I would like to send a POST request in Java. At the moment, I do it like this: I do not understand why I have to call con.getInputStream() in order to actually send the request. If I do not call it, the request is not sent. Is there a problem using PrintStream? It should not matter if I take a