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Tag: quarkus

Docker ENV LD_PRELOAD prevent container crash but throw Cannot run program “ls”: error=2, No such file or directory

I have a problem while call in a Java Application inside a Quarkus Server which is Running on an Alpine 3.15.4 inside a Docker container. I have created a small demo. The results are: Configuration 1 Enable in the docker file Results: init ok shell fail Configuration2 Disable in the docker file Results: init fail shell ok If init

Is there an elegant way to exit ClientRequestFilter?

I implemented a ClientRequestFilter. But one call of a client should not be filtered, which means if the request comes from this class (in my case the class is called TokenClient) the method should just return. Right now as you can see I check the path and if it contains /token it will return. But I would rather check if

quarkus @ObservesAsync invoke Uni

What’s the best way to invoke Uni in an async observer? It would be great if I could just return Uni but unfortunately that doesn’t work. Answer As mentioned by @ladicek, you can: use a synchronous observer and block until termination use a synchronous observer and “trigger” the async operation using a fire-and-forget approach use an async observer (while it’s

Quarkus OpenApi adding x-tokenName extension to SecurityScheme in

I want to add the x-tokenName extension to the openApi security scheme component in quarkus using the file. I’am using microsoft as provider for openIdConnect, and therefore i got a response containing an access_token and a id_token. My configuration so far, look somehow like this: The corresponding openapi.yaml looks for the security scheme part like this: I did not

Quarkus with hibernate found [bpchar (Types#CHAR)], but expecting [char (Types#VARCHAR)]

Hello i’m trying to learn Quarkus with Hibernate but i’ve ran into an issue the schema-validation. The error: 2021-12-29 16:05:14,915 ERROR [] (Hibernate post-boot validation thread for ) Failed to validate Schema: Schema-validation: wrong column type encount ered in column [BED_INFO] in table [ROOM]; found [bpchar (Types#CHAR)], but expecting [char (Types#VARCHAR)] 2021-12-29 16:05:14,921 ERROR [] (Hibernate post-boot validation thread for