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Tag: okhttp

Sending data from android to esp8266

I have an arduino project, where i was able to set up an esp8266 as a webserver, and i am able to send data to it, eg. if i put “” into the browser, it works perfectly. I want to send data using an android app, which pretty much means using the above mentioned url, just with different values for

Mocking nested retrofit api calls using MockWebServer

I am writing a junit test using okhttp3.mockwebserver for a retrofit2 rest api. The trimmed down api looks like this: The api is then injected to another class which delegates the calls thusly: I do the following in my test: Because the implementation of cancelOrder() calls api.cancelOrder() and then api.getOrders(), I added two mocked responses corresponding to each. However, looks

https proxy using okhttp3

I am using okhttp3 and trying to see how do I pass userId & pswd to authenticate with proxy server that accepts only HTTPS protocol. I already saw exmaple over SO & on other sites(link below) but they don’t have HTTPS protocol. Can anyone please tell me how to use HTTPS protocol to call proxy server? Answer It is

Could not transfer artifact com.squareup.okhttp3:mockwebserver:pom:4.9.1 from/to central (

I have encountered a problem while importing the MockWebServer dependencies into my project Idea is showing 2 problems: Dependency ‘com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.9.1’ not found Dependency ‘com.squareup.okhttp3:mockwebserver:4.9.1’ not found And reload all maven projects results in a big “stacktrace” which generally says that it can’t resolve any of the dependencies. Running maven goal compile results in an error: Could not transfer artifact com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:pom:4.9.1

How to auto refresh data in android studio every second?

I am new to android studio, I am making an app that gets the json of a field in thingspeak, but I don’t know how can I make an auto refresh to the data I get every second. Can you please help me? Answer I found a solution finally, I placed the data request inside the following code and it

Update default Content-Type for multipart form-data request in Android

We are currently using okhttp3 and retrofit2 in Android to make an network api call of type POST with multipart/form-data, the api request and response are as shown below If you observe, the request header Content-Type has “multipart/form-data; boundary=xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx….” Following is the code I’m facing an issue with sending the customised request header Content-Type as “multipart/form-data; **charset=utf-8;** boundary=xxxxx-xxxxx-x…..” basically i

Exchange cookies between requests in OkHttp

I’m trying to scrape one website, and for that, I need to exchange the cookies and headers between all the requests. The question is the following: how can I achieve such behaviour in a smart way, not by resetting the cookies and headers manually between the Request and Response objects each time? Answer You’ll need a CookieJar. There’s an in-memory