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Tag: websocket

Jetty Websocket Authentication

I play the Jetty Websocket use example here : (i use native-jetty-websocket-example) I just move from websocketpp (C++) to Java Jetty Websocket and i just wonder is there any way for me to authen the connection before the connection move to the onWebSocketConnect event ? Back in websocketpp i’ll authenticate the connection via url (eg: ws://xxx/?key=123) when i will

Clean shutdown of Spring WebSockets STOMP client

A Spring WebSocket STOMP client sends a long to Spring WebSocket STOMP server that immediately returns the same value. When the client completes sending, it exits its main thread and the client terminates as expected. If I enable STOMP heartbeats: the client no longer exits the JVM when the client’s main thread finishes because the DefaultManagedTaskScheduler task-scheduler started a non-daemon

How should I persist a PanacheEntity with data coming from a Websocket message?

I’m trying to persist the following entity when receiving a message from the client via Websocket: The following persist works, when receiving a POST request: However, the following code freezes when it reaches the persist line. The message.getPenguin() method is returning an actual Penguin reference (the MessageDecoder.class is doing it’s part): I’m new to Panache/Hibernate, any help would be apreciated,