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Tag: gradle

Build and deploy JavaFX Applicationn with jlink

I have a script build.gradle, which created the IDEA development environment when creating a JavaFX project with Gradle support: After the “build” task is completed, the “distributions” folder appears in the build folder. It contains a zip archive with the following contents: The bin folder contains two scripts, sh and bat. The lib folder contains, as I understand it, all

Why can’t I use Gradle DSL in apply’ed files

In our team we have lot of projects built with Gradle. Some parts in the Gradle files are all the same. For example, we use Java 11 in all our projects. So my idea was that I could split up my build.gradle files into a common part, that is then synced from a central repository into every Gradle project while

Gradle 7 StackOverflowError when building

I’ve got a large Gradle project that I’m attempting to upgrade from Gradle 6 to Gradle 7.4.2. After the upgrade, I see inconsistent StackOverflowErrors when running gradle build – sometimes the command is successful and sometimes it’s not. Error: Stack trace: build.gradle file: file: Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for working out what might be causing this

Gradle build: Java plugin not compatible with Android plugins

When I build, I have the error The ‘java’ plugin has been applied, but it is not compatible with the Android plugins. The internet answers says to remove the line “apply plugin: ‘java'” and the file gradle.init, but I can find neither in my environment… Where exactly is the java plugin applied, and how do I remove it? My build.gradle

Any ideas on how to solve Duplicate class with android jetified?

I’m getting the following error when trying to build an android application with two third-party dependencies. Does anyone know how solve this issue? I have a minimal android project if anyone can help me solve this: Answer This is now solved. I contacted the maintainers of the libraries, they added flattenpackagehierarchy to proguard which solved it.

How to trigger a task after build

I have the following code: If I write build.doLast(generateJavaApi), IntelliJ tells me the following: No candidates found for method call build.dolast. Why is that and how would you trigger generateJavaApi after build? (so that running gradle build would automatically also trigger the generation of the java api) Answer What you want is this: