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Tag: react-native

React native ANDROID build fails with error in varargs mismatch; ApplicationPackage cannot be converted to Package

I was using depcheck to uninstall unused modules from my project. I following three packages along with a few others that i installed during development. expo-status-bar expo-updates expo-splash-screen however after doing so, i encountered few errors during build, and thus i reinstalled these packages. but now I’m facing this error. I am sure that expo-application is installed Here is the

Cannot use yarn android after adding react navigation 6.x

So I’m using to make my navigation. I did the yarn add @react-navigation/native and yarn add react-native-screens react-native-safe-area-context. At this point my app is still fine even after restarting yarn start. The problem started after I add the code needed to and from there the app won’t launch (it also won’t work even after wrapping it in NavigationContainer

Java Function Return to React-Native

I’m developing an application with an integration Smart-POS. My application is in React-Native and the card reading or printing options are created through Java functions. In other words, I’m calling a function in React-Native that is requesting a function in a Java file that communicates with the device and gives me a return. Problem: I’m not getting any return after

React Native Android Splash Screen

I’m trying to build a splash screen for an Android RN app. I’ve followed the steps described here : Unfortunately, when trying to launch my app, the build is successful but the app crashes saying: Does any one know where this could come from ? I have the following code : AndroidManifest.xml Answer OK, well it works