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How to call a Java method from Javascript

How do you call a Java method/ function from Javascript? Java Function: Javascript Function: Answer To call java code from javascript in your react-native app, you have to create a module I suggest reading the docs: Java code – android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ Register the Module – android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ To register the package change the getPackages method in this file: android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ JavaScript code

Selenium, Scrolling page

I am trying to scroll webpage with Selenium- “”. But, you see when you open it and click on vacancy, there are two pages side by side to scroll. I need to scroll the one in the middle, so selenium can go and take info from other jobs too. But, now, it stops when it comes to 14, which is

When developing the back-end, do you want to believe that the front-end data will not go out of scope, and reduce some data verification

In the scenario where the front-end and back-end are separated and developed, what the back-end does is to receive the data transmitted by the front-end, perform corresponding processing, and finally return the processing result information. So, for the data sent by the front end (whether it is Get or Post), do we want to be sure that it will not

Download file in Webview

I’m using webview in an Android application. I am trying to download a .pdf file, however when the link is clicked through the application the .pdf file name is changed to “1rcPnhg9_rSes92BiQPotVjXuEAfFnyrf.pdf”, and is not saved with the original file name. How to make webview save the file with the original name? At the moment the webview is saving the

call/run function from Kotlin with Nodejs

I’ve wrote some lines of code in Kotlin now i want to execute this function from Javascrip or Nodejs is that possible? I only find solution for calling JS functions but not for calling Kotlin functions for example: JS: Kotlin: I heared from Kotlin/JS but there are some difrents from the normal JS and Kotlin Thanks for helping Answer You