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Tag: javascript

make async call using native JS in GWT app

I have a GWT app in which I have to include an JS function. So I am using the native interface to use the JS function in my JAVA code. This is my JS function But the problem with this is when I receive the Promise response via response.json(), it is still in pending state, so it never goes to

How to speed up moveRows script

I use a script how move rows in other sheet and delete them if condition match. It works but sometimes it’s long. How can i speed up this please ? I try this but it’s not working. I think i can’t combine sh1.getRange(sh1.getLastRow()+1, 1,vals.lenght , vals[0].length).setValues(result) with sh0.deleteRows(i+1) or the problem is for (var i=vals.lenght-1;i>0;i–) ?? Answer I believe your

How to write in pre tag?

I can’t write value to field using Selenium .sendKeys. So I use jsCode: and I can’t understand why these methods don’t work – the test passes but the value is not written to the field $(“div pre”).append(“RESPONSE”) – work in devTools Full html code: Answer If you are trying to append to the content of the pre tag then use

How to call a Java method from Javascript

How do you call a Java method/ function from Javascript? Java Function: Javascript Function: Answer To call java code from javascript in your react-native app, you have to create a module I suggest reading the docs: Java code – android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ Register the Module – android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ To register the package change the getPackages method in this file: android/app/src/main/java/com/your-app-name/ JavaScript code

Selenium, Scrolling page

I am trying to scroll webpage with Selenium- “”. But, you see when you open it and click on vacancy, there are two pages side by side to scroll. I need to scroll the one in the middle, so selenium can go and take info from other jobs too. But, now, it stops when it comes to 14, which is is undefined

I’m trying to use the share component with react native but I keep getting this error below. Any idea why ? ‘ is not a function. (In ‘{ url: uri })’, ‘’ is undefined)’ Answer This is because ‘’ is now deprecated, use ‘Share.share()’ instead.