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Tag: swift is undefined

I’m trying to use the share component with react native but I keep getting this error below. Any idea why ? ‘ is not a function. (In ‘{ url: uri })’, ‘’ is undefined)’ Answer This is because ‘’ is now deprecated, use ‘Share.share()’ instead.

ByteArrayOutputStream or Binary Writer equivalent in Swift

I wondering equivalent of Java or C#’s BinaryWriter into Swift. Having some difficulties in the following static public class CustomArrayOutputStream extends part. I wonder how to achieve the same functionalities in the Swift. Swift Code Java Code: or equivalent of C# BinaryWriter in Swift Update: The first case is to achieve something similar but OutputStream does not have

Adding a newly created object into an array in swift

I decided to start a project in java to get a rough outline of how the program was to function before I started to program it in swift(a language I am completely unfamiliar with) whilst trying to convert the code I’ve ran into an issue and cannot even understand how I’ve gone wrong. This is context for the code In

How to ‘put’ arguments from Swift native code to Flutter

I am trying to pass arguments from a callback method in Swift to Flutter. This is an example of what I want to achieve, in my native Java code: Edit: I am facing an issue, the argument args is undefined and I’m unsure what is the Swift equivalent of arguments.put() from the Java code above. This is my current implementation:

How do I load SVG String into ImageView

I have an SVG string <svg xmlns=”” viewBox=”0 0 60 30″ width=”1200″ height=”600″><clipPath id=”a”><path d=”M30 15h30v15zv15h-30zh-30v-15zv-15h30z”/></clipPath><path d=”M0 0v30h60v-30z” fill=”#00247d”/><path d=”M0 0l60 30m0-30l-60 30″ stroke=”#fff” stroke-width=”6″/><path d=”M0 0l60 30m0-30l-60 30″ clip-path=”url(#a)” stroke=”#cf142b” stroke-width=”4″/><path d=”M30 0v30m-30-15h60″ stroke=”#fff” stroke-width=”10″/><path d=”M30 0v30m-30-15h60″ stroke=”#cf142b” stroke-width=”6″/></svg> How do I render it on ImageView? If this was .svg file, I can load it with Glide in Android