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Implementing a printAnimals method

I am trying to implement a printAnimals() method that prints the ArrayList for dogs or prints the ArrayList for monkeys, or prints all animals whose training status is “in service” and whose is Not reserved, depending on the input you enter in the menu. I am trying to correctly write a for loop for both ArrayList that contains if statements,

Loop Object from a single Array

im sending a Json Array from Activity A to Activity B, and i want to populate that Json Array into Spinner in Activity B. but when i Log the json array from Activity A, the data becomes a single object “NVAKSINATOR” : [{“NVAKSINATOR”:”[{“NVAKSINATOR”:”20800″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”0″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”77350″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”51750″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”30000″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”51500″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”25750″},{“NVAKSINATOR”:”30900″}]”}] i want that number like 20800 , 0 , 77350 to be populated in spinner but i

How to access repeated elements in JSON object java?

At first: I know, there are many questions like this one, but all the answers don’t help. I am new to JSON and appreciate every answer. I have a JSON object like this: The JSON object can have hundreds of these elements which begin with “type” : “node”. Now I want to access all lat, lon and names. There are