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How to update a single array using multiple instances of a class

How can I make two instances of a class, update the same array from that class? Like here, I want r1 and r2 to update same pendingOrders, so that finally the array is [‘yo’, ‘lo’]. That is not happening, the r1 and r2 are making different arrays. Answer Add the static keyword to the pendingOrders in Robot. Check this guide

Java alternative of javascript dynamically constructed object

I’ve been trying to build an object of some sort which allows dynamic key adding/removing, similar to javascript objects. I’m trying to do something like this in java(code below is javascript): I’ve tried doing: Although that definitely won’t work as “String cannot be converted to int”. Answer In Java, the Map interface provides similar functionality. One such implementation is HashMap.

How can I override object methods inside interface?

All classes in java extend the Object class implicitly. But that doesn’t concern interfaces. Interfaces can only extend other interfaces, but no classes. However, I can override object class methods inside my interface. Can you please explain in simple words how is this even possible? Is there any use case for this? Answer Interface is a just contract. It says

Implementing a printAnimals method

I am trying to implement a printAnimals() method that prints the ArrayList for dogs or prints the ArrayList for monkeys, or prints all animals whose training status is “in service” and whose is Not reserved, depending on the input you enter in the menu. I am trying to correctly write a for loop for both ArrayList that contains if statements,